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Welcome to the journey of peace. Since its establishment in 2003, the journey of peace has been adhering to the spirit of "perseverance, trustworthiness and innovation", adhering to the principle of "doing everything, doing everything and doing everything carefully", and relying on the hard work, wisdom and responsibility of each employee. Over the past 10 years, the journey of peace has become a reliable and valuable brand.
    Peace journey love such treasure, regardless of the arrival, education level, age, the company will be free to select and hire, to provide you with a stage to display your talent. We hope that each employee can establish a sense of ownership, give full play to his intelligence and wisdom, strive to highlight his own value, grow and progress together with the journey of peace, and realize his life goals and ideals in the journey of peace.
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    Resume and interview registration form: hpzl2003@vip.sina.com

一、Marketing manager

    1. Understand wine knowledge, have existing resources and channels for the wine market, or have the ability to develop the wine market;
    2. Have the ability to build a team and effectively manage the business of the team;
    3. Able to carry out training effectively and have strong communication skills;
    4. Good professional quality, good at business public relations and interpersonal communication;
    5. Have the courage to face pressure and desire to challenge high salary.
    1. No gender limit, over 30 years old, 5 years working experience;
    2. College degree or above, major in marketing, finance, economy and management;
    3. Good appearance, good image and generous temperament;
    4. High sense of responsibility, practical and diligent, good at communicating and cooperating with others;
    5. Have good professional ethics and market sensitivity, have strong market development ability and strong enterprise.

二、arts editor

    1. Responsible for site art appreciation and positioning;
    2. Quickly respond to the work assigned by the design department and director of the company;
    3. Regularly edited and commented on the company's art paintings;
    4. Maintain good communication and contact with painters and other tasks assigned by superiors;
    1. Graduated from normal art colleges, proficient in art history and art theory;
    2. Have certain art foundation, be sensitive to art related elements such as color and line, and have aesthetic grasp of art;
    3. Passionate, strong learning ability, hardworking, strong sense of responsibility, good professional quality and teamwork spirit.

三、English liaison

    1. Translate and handle correspondence and business documents with foreign units.
    2. Worked as an interpreter for foreign customers' negotiation and our overseas study and visit activities.
    3. Can independently complete foreign customers and market survey, data collection, analysis and the formulation and implementation of plans, etc.
    4. Assist other departments to ensure the smooth progress of our international cultural and art exchanges, BBS and other activities.
    1. Above grade 8, proficient in English writing and oral expression.
    2. At least 2 years related working experience. Under 30 years old, male or female. Excellent master degree candidates, overseas students are preferred.
    3. Work experience in business negotiation.
    4. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

四、Executive assistant secretary-general

    1. Completed the related work arranged by the director, responsible for the implementation, follow-up and implementation of related work;
    2. Assisted the director to formulate strategic planning, annual work plan and the decomposition of work objectives at each stage, and drafted the work summary at each stage of the company and other official documents;
    3. Assisted the director to manage and coordinate the operation of the company and the functional departments;
    4. Followed up the achievement of goals of all departments within the company, provided analysis opinions and improvement Suggestions;
    5. Provide specific solutions in the company's project plan, project strategy and operation;
    6. Assisted the director to handle external public relations, and participated in the planning, arrangement and organization of large-scale public relations activities;
    7. Assisted the director to arrange the agenda and agenda of high-level meetings, wrote and followed up the minutes of high-level meetings, theme meetings and other meetings;
    8. Write the director's report and documents, and arrange various working hours.
    1. Male, college degree or above in public relations, administration and business management;
    2. At least 3 years working experience as general manager/director assistant, proficient in English;
    3. Comprehensive knowledge structure, rich management experience, understanding of cultural exchange and foreign affairs reception;
    4. Strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and keen insight, strong judgment and decision-making ability, planning and execution ability;
    5. Good teamwork spirit, honest, reliable and good conduct;
    6. Proficient in office software;
    7. Have a driver's license and be proficient in driving.


    1. Assist superior to perform general administrative tasks;
    2. Can independently write company official letters, senior executives' speeches, project planning documents and other relevant documents;
    3. Able to handle emergencies independently;
    4. Communicate with the director or manager of other departments;
    5. Determine and arrange meeting time;
    6. Responsible for the organization and archiving of meeting materials;
    7. Complete other transactional work assigned by superiors.
    1. Bachelor degree or above in related majors such as public relations, administration and enterprise management, with working experience in this field is preferred;
    2. Have unique thoughts and opinions, and have strong writing skills;
    3. Comprehensive knowledge structure, with certain management experience, able to quickly master various knowledge related to the company's business;
    4. Strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and keen insight, strong judgment and decision-making ability, planning and execution ability;
    5. Good team spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct and strong sense of responsibility;
    6. Proficient in office software.