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Founded in 2003, the "peace tour" is the abbreviation of "world famous Chinese artist global painting peace tour organizing committee" and "Beijing peace tour cultural exchange center". The peace tour is a non-governmental organization specializing in international cultural exchanges. Since its formation, the brigade of peace adhering to the "protect human common cultural heritage and promote the peaceful development of the international community" noble purposes, for international exchange of art and artistic way, with the rest of the world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, conducting friendly exchanges and activities of charity, become one of the important force in the international cultural exchange.

      The "tour of peace" artist delegation visited 47 countries, donated materials for more than 30 batches, organized 17 large-scale cultural exchange activities, and signed cooperation agreements with the individual foundations and research centers of 17 foreign heads of state. More than 70 Chinese artists have been awarded honorary titles such as "academician of the academy of arts", "artist of merit", "distinguished professor" and "ambassador of peace" by well-known overseas universities and art schools.

      In recent years, in line with my leaders to attend the summit, to promote cultural cooperation within the framework of sco, the "journey of peace" has 4 years in a row in the Shanghai cooperation organization summit hosted by the sco member states and the rest of the world artists to participate in large theme of the exhibition, the sco member states government highly appreciates. The "international peace artists' works exhibition" series featuring international peace has become an important brand for the cultural exchange center of the peace tour.

       Approved by the state council in 2012, the silk road award for people-to-people and cultural cooperation, founded by the peace tour, was presented at an award ceremony on the sidelines of the Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) Beijing summit. State councilor dai bingguo and President emomali rahmon of tajikistan co-hosted the ceremony and presented MEDALS and certificates to six distinguished scholars from the sco member states. The creation of the award further promoted people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation within the sco framework, enhanced mutual understanding and traditional friendship between the people of China and other member states, and consolidated the public opinion and social foundation for the development of the sco. / p >

      Taking the promotion of Chinese culture, the promotion of international art exchanges, and the enrichment of cultural and people-to-people cooperation between China and other countries as its own mission, the "journey to peace" has set out a successful road of people-to-people exchanges with other countries. We believe that people-to-people exchanges, as a bridge between people of all countries, will lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of friendly and cooperative relations between China and other countries. The "journey of peace" will continue to explore and innovate, and make greater and more positive contributions to promoting friendly cooperation between China and other countries in the world.