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"Journey of peace" secretary-general shao Chang Chun line in Cambodia and old preparing the trip to southeast Asia

On October 28, 2010 to 29, "journey of peace" cultural exchange center secretary shao Chang Chun, center on behalf of a line to visit Cambodia and Laos, is "journey of peace - southeast Asia tour" with Cambodia held talks, the old culture officials, and on the local art colleges and institutions was investigated. Cambodia, old said it would provide full support to this event, to ensure that activities smoothly.

date:2018/09/07 15:42:00

The Mongolian ambassador and peaceful trip to the organizing committee to discuss cooperation

On September 30, 2010, the Mongolian ambassador policy's firm, jan ole suhr bateer peace tour visiting the organizing committee, and the organizing committee of the secretary-general shao Chang Chun met, both sides of the future will be held in Mongolia cultural exchanges has carried on the preliminary discussion. Ce's firm, jan ole suhr bateer ambassador love Chinese art, while in China office had visited cities such as Shanghai, visited many Chinese art. He said, holding the art exchange activ

date:2018/09/07 15:41:00

Secretary-general with Singaporean calligrapher's association chairman

The peace tour visited Singapore and organised a tour of artists to visit the Singapore calligrapher's association. Shao changchun, secretary general of the organizing committee of the peace trip, presented t-shirts and other items to the Singapore calligrapher's association.

date:2018/09/07 15:39:00

Mr Executive director and secretary-general shao Chang Chun invited to Belgium

Peace tour cultural exchange center executive director and secretary-general shao Chang Chun, a former senator and Belgium, Mr Van Gaever you together to Belgium in the city, and to Lear, donated the violin music drama academy. Mr Shao Chang Chun's got, the mayor of a cordial reception, and has received good reviews from the media.

date:2018/09/07 15:37:00

Shao Chang Chun director meeting with tajikistan ambassador to China

On aug 9, artist, chairman of the union and the silk road international peace prize foundation, chairman of the Beijing cultural exchange center director shao peace Chang Chun appointment tajikistan ambassador parr, Mr D, damien duff, with up to for the trip is scheduled to peace in the tajik capital dushanbe October this year of "the pearl of the" silk road "- dushanbe yesterday, today and tomorrow - international peace artist painting exhibition" and carried on the thorough

date:2018/09/07 15:35:00

Peace brigade secretary general meeting of the republic of tajikistan's political counsellor Mr. COINS, with Mr Da shu herat

On June 19, 2017, general secretary ms ZhaiRuNan peace in the embassy of the republic of tajikistan and tajikistan's political counsellor Mr. COINS, meet Mr Da shu herat. First of all, the secretary-general conveyed peace tour director shao Chang Chun Mr In dushanbe, the capital, held in November 2016 in the tower of the "silk road" pearl dushanbe artists during painting exhibition, international peace tajik embassy, tajik government and President emomali rakhmon for your support to ex

date:2018/09/07 15:26:00

Peace Tour Artists Delegation Participated in 2013 Spring Festival Rally of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC

On Feb. 7th, two days before 2013 Spring Festival, Mr. Xing Shengcai and Mr. Cui Chengqian, Vice Directors of Peace T

date:2013/02/07 17:07:00

President Shao Changchun Inspected famous wine region of France

    Former Senator Van Gaever accompanied Mr. Shao Changchun, president of Europe-China Cultural Educationa

date:2013/02/05 17:07:00

Secretary General Shao Changchun visted the European College Foundation

    On January 30th,2013,Secretary General of Global Peace Tour of World-famous Chinese Artists with Their

date:2013/01/31 16:42:00

Former Belgian Senator Freddy Van Gaever Visited Peace Tour

        At the invitation of Mr. Cui Yongqian, Deputy Director General of Peace Tour Cultural Exc

date:2012/12/06 17:06:00

President Of Uzbekistan Academy Of Art And Science Visited Peace Tour

        In the afternoon of November 24th, the president of the Uzbekistan Academy of A

date:2012/11/24 17:06:00

Peace Tour Committee Convenes For Art Exhibitions In Bishkek Summit

       On September, 29th, 2012, Ambassador Gao Yusheng, Deputy Director General of Peace Tour Cu

date:2012/09/29 17:05:00

Secretary General Shao Changchun Meets With Chairman Zahari Zahariev

    On February 28th, 2012, Mr. Shao Changchun, Secretary General of Global Peace Tour of World-famous

date:2012/02/29 17:05:00

Peace Tour Secretary General Meets With President of Poland

        Secretary General Shao Changchun of the Global Peace Tour of World-famous Chinese Artists

date:2011/12/26 17:04:00

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