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The common destiny of colorful civilizatio
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This important post on the ancient silk road is beautifully decorated with squares, sculptures, fountains and street gardens in bishkek, kyrgyzstan, in the middle of the summer. By the government of kyrgyzstan, artist union, the silk road international peace prize foundation, Beijing cultural exchange center hosted peace "colorful civilization common destiny" world civilization with peace artist painting exhibition is being held here, for this beautiful city adds a rich artistic breath.
On June 29, the opening ceremony of the painting exhibition held in national art museum of bishkek, kyrgyzstan's deputy prime minister, Mr Moore Eva don't families in his speech pointed out that the world of artists exhibition reflects the different national culture and spirit of the world, will further improve the friendship of people all over the world, thanks to the artist so gave the wonderful show for the people.

"The exhibition will not only enhance the understanding between artists from different countries and the general public, but also promote the development and progress of human art." Wu changhong, the charge d 'affaires of the Chinese embassy in kyrgyzstan, said in his speech that the exhibition is an important result of cultural exchanges and cooperation between relevant countries. Artists from various countries will further exchange their painting experience and inspire each other to create inspiration, which will bring people's hearts closer.
The exhibition features 72 paintings by 39 artists from 23 countries, including China, kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iran and Italy. The reporter saw in the scene, the Chinese artist brings the painting work particularly attracts the attention. Whether it is the profound scenery, tranquil and simple birds, traditional ink and wash painting, or the village snow scene and jungle dawn painting in the form of oil painting, many viewers stop to admire it. Many viewers took out their phones to take pictures of their favorite paintings and vied to take photos with the painters.

Chinese painter tang chuanjie is exhibiting in the oil painting lotus in full bloom in summer. He told the reporter that the main feature of this work is the organic combination of western impressionism and traditional Chinese freehand painting, hoping to bring the audience the enjoyment of beauty through the integration of eastern and western cultures, and at the same time convey the beautiful image of peace and holiness represented by lotus.
Russian painter altukova is in her third major exhibition. "" artists from many countries around the world come together, we become friends and show the idea of peace through works," "she said.
At the opening ceremony, omurberkova also presented the international peace artist award on behalf of the kyrgyz government for Chinese painter fan Yang, kyrgyz painter shkhayev and Russian painter Alexander smirnov.

Kyrgyz President viktor renbekov then met with shao changchun, chairman of the international peace artists union and director of the cultural exchange center of Beijing peace tour, and award-winning painters from various countries at the presidential residence. Reenbekov stressed that it was a great cultural feast and the kyrgyz people highly appreciated the contributions made by the artists to promote peace and friendship among all nations. The international union of artists for peace promotes the connection and integration of different cultures and promotes the friendly relations and brotherhood between peoples.

The exhibition aims to promote cultural exchanges, enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation among countries along the silk road, shao changchun told the financial times. "The common destiny of colorful civilizations" is the theme of this event and the voice of all peace-loving artists. "It is hoped that the event will make positive contributions to promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges and safeguarding world peace."

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